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Mothers Matter

Mothers Matter is a podcast about mothers and the children who love them.

Dec 21, 2020

Playing with children can be great fun, but also hard work, especially at 6am.  In this podcast Dr Pat Preedy offers parents excellent examples of how to enjoy our children through play, whether they are 4 months or 14 years old.  

Dr Pat jointly led the Parents and Carers as Play Partners Project through Middlesex Uni (Dubai), which supported parents in providing their children with play experiences that enhance their development and learning.  She has also contributed to The Physical Development Needs of Young Children (2019), highlighting how play and early movements are linked to cognitive development.  She is best known for her Movement for Learning  project for schools, which highlighted how daily movements based on children's development stages can improve balance, fine and gross motor skills.  More details of Dr Pat's work is available on