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Mothers Matter

Mothers Matter is a podcast about mothers and the children who love them.

Jan 21, 2021

In just a few lines of poetry my guest, Sarra Culleno, can encapsulate the experience of being a new mother, the deep-rooted impact our own mothers still have on us as mothers, the agony of separation from our loved ones in lockdown, the fear of waiting for a medical test result, the shift in identity between couples when a baby is born or the hurly burly of daily family life.  In this podcast we discuss these themes and more, whilst examining the craft and creation of poetry.  Sarra Culleno is a British BAME poet, mother and teacher who performs her writing at events across the UK.  She is widely published, was longlisted for the Cinnamon Press Pamphlet Prize and for Best of the Net 2020 by iambapoet.  Thanks to James Ede, my producer.